Lagerstroemia fauriei Japanese Crape Myrtle is a favorite tree at Xera. ‘Townhouse’ sports not only fantastic mocha mottled bark but stunning fall color as well.

Climate adapted plants for gardeners in the Pacific Northwest


Xera Plants is a retail plant nursery and grower based in Portland, Oregon. Our goal is to inspire gardeners to create diverse, ecologically sound landscapes suited to our climate.

We emphasize the use of low water plants, west coast native plants and plants native to a similar winter wet/summer dry climate as our own.  Our staff of horticultural experts is committed to providing friendly, detailed, solution-based customer service.  If you have a question we have the answer. After all, we grow every one of our plants and know each one intimately.

All of our plants are grown by us at our facility near Sherwood, OR using sustainable growing practices. We do not use neonicotinoid pesticides. We firmly believe in the health and well being of not only our pollinators but gardeners and gardens as well. We are stewards of the environment and we take that very seriously.

We strive to maintain a large and diverse supply of plants and we emphasize those that are adapted to certain biomes. That means we search for and grow plants for such difficult situations as dry shade, blasting hellstrips and many other categories. Remember that not all of our plants are available at the same time. Crops have their own timelines and we do our best to finish them in an efficient and timely manner. A large amount of new plants arrives at the shop each week. Feel free to give us a call and to inquire about any plant that we grow or even plants that you think we should grow.  At our shop you will find the best quality, fresh nursery stock that is immediately ready for installation.

Welcome to our brand new website. It is a much different format and we hope that you will find the way that we have organized the information useful. Try out the new search parameters located on the right side of each screen. And you can sort the selections by simply clicking on green script on each plant description (example: foliage color Chartreuse/Gold) to form a list. We hope that it will be a helpful tool for not just plant experts but novices as well. Check back often for updates.

We do NOT do mail order. We are just not set up for that kind of business. We may be able to source our plants at other nurseries who do.

We hope you have a wonderful garden season and we cannot wait to see you at the shop!



Its Autumn @ Xera! We’re open and we have LOTs of great plants

Fall came early this year but its still a wonderful time to plant hardy plants. Its also an ideal time to plant natives. Fall rains plus warm soil temperature and less stress from heat all adds up to prime planting time. We will be open until  until mid November. Until then we’re keeping the shop full. Lots of new shrubs and hardy perennials are in. Also, hardy evergreen plants for winter containers are one of our specialities. Stop by and say hello, at the Xera Shop.

Autumn hours are Thursday- Sunday 10am to 5 pm.

Hope to see you soon!


NO NINO- status quo- or Arctic flow?

Please email any questions to

Xera Plant Shop

1114 SE. Clay St.
Portland,  Oregon 97214

(503) 236.8563

Hours January to November
10am to 5pm
Thursday through Sunday

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