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Xera Plants is a nursery dedicated to bringing the best quality and most interesting plants to gardeners in the PNW.  We grow climate adapted plants. We’ve decided that the plants that we produce should be both good garden plants and of the highest quality. You will not find plants that are tired and worn out, dead, or root bound. We bring in an enormous load of new plants every week and to ensure quality we take back those that are flagging. That way the plants are always at their peak and ideal for immediate installation.  Our choice of plants is broad and constantly expanding. If there is something that you are looking for please give us a call or email with a suggestion. That having been said we are a small nursery and we choose what we grow very carefully. Our goal is for gardeners to expand their knowledge of plants and all that is possible in this rich climate while offering an alternative to water intensive gardening.

Restore balance understand climate and work with it

There is a perception that our climate is wet year round. It is very wet from October to April. From June to September, the heart of the growing season little rain falls. In fact, out of an average of 40” rain a year less than 10” falls during our growing season- and if it does it is unpredictable. Add to that warm temperatures and high sun angles and evaporation quickly eliminates water. Our proximity to the cool Pacific Ocean and relatively high latitude somewhat mitigates these effects. We select as many plants as we can that are adapted to our winter wet summer dry regime.

Money down the drain

Water is expensive and it is the most precious resources in the west. Despite our wet winters- water years can be capricious. It’s also important to remember that our population is growing- water is and will become a much more precious commodity.

Reduce runoff be good stewards of the land

It rains for six months in this climate. Why add to water run-off when fertilizers and pesticides are being used the most- during the growing season? In essence we are using a precious resource to flush extra chemicals and effluents into our ecosystem. It doesn’t really make sense. Even organic fertilizers are a concentrated source of certain elements that are NOT GOOD FOR RIVERS. Less supplemental water means that less of these pollutants will be flushed into the system.

Our goal

We want to make a viable alternative to the water-intensive gardening aesthetic. Organic methods are FANTASTIC, but they don’t mean much if you are wasting the most precious component which is WATER. The paradigm in the Pacific Northwest has been to copy other areas that are lush and green all summer, such as England and New England. In order to achieve this lush look you MUST irrigate in summer. Instead, we offer many plants that are adapted to dry conditions during the growing season and will actually thrive on little or no irrigation and still provide the components to make a fantastic garden. Above all we want our customers to have an exceptional experience and we’ll do everything we can to make that happen.
Thank you!

Paul Bonine
Greg Shepherd

Willamette Valley Natives Iris tenax with the very endangered Castilleja levisecta.