Beautiful Mother’s Day for gardening.

Happy Mothers Day Mom couldn’t ask for better weather this weekend for gardening. Following some fairly substantial rain the temperatures this weekend will push the mid 80’s and that means things will grow and fast. The soil temperature is approaching 60ºF which is optimal for growth. Here are four shrubs to focus on this week. […]

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Highlighted shrubs 4.8.20

Highlighted shrubs and Trees for April 8, 2020 Here are five of my favorite shrubs available this week from Xera Plants. Please post questions in the comments. Paul. Argyrocytisus battandieri Moroccan Pineaple Bloom Not easy to find this is a cool shrub for hot dry locations and average soil with little water once established. Large […]

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Gardening – That’s something I can do

Breathe, plant, repeat This has been a very stressful time for everybody. If you aren’t stressed you are probably the person who first discovered that being in our gardens is the best possible place we could be. Greg and I are committed to making plants accessible during this time of need. Perhaps we can help- […]

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NO NINO- status quo- or Arctic flow?

  I’ve held off this year about posting the forecasts for winter because there are several different circumstances this year. The first is that El Nino which guided our weather for quite a bit of last year- until the last month of winter and lead to a very average to mild winter has waned to […]

Weak to moderate El Nino forms and summer is for planting

A weak to nearly moderate El Nino formed in the Pacific during the late winter. Its anticipated to last through next winter at least. El Nino or ENSO (El Nino/Southern Oscillation) has profound effects on the weather the world over, including the Pacific Northwest. Normally it causes warmer and drier conditions in our region- (which […]

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Mild winter brings planting opportunities

   More than half of winter 2018/19 is through the door. Well, we are more than half way beyond the middle point of meteorological winter (Dec.1- February 29).  And what a winter that hasn’t been. Indeed some parts of of inner Portland have not yet seen a dip below freezing. So, what does the rest […]

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The climate die is cast

The national climate service has been pounding home lately that temperatures will be above normal for the foreseeable future. They were dead on in their prediction of a hot summer in the Pacific Northwest and there are records to prove it. The 2nd hottest summer of all time in Portland Portland ended up with not […]

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Organic methods : A meal for the garden

Paul Bonine- Xera Plant Inc.                           6.13.18 Heather Havens – Concentrates Inc. I sat down with my best friend Heather Havens co-owner of Concentrates one Sunday afternoon to talk about organic fertilizers & amendments (seed/plant/animal meals, rock dusts, composts/manures), soils, and how the […]

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Future inferno 2018?

Spring is one of the most unpredictable times of the year for weather in Portland. To be honest I’m not a fan of the month of March. My entire life it seems that I’ve been working outside in this month of lions and lambs. As we transition from a very weak La Nina (one that […]

You Really Move Me

The seasons are changing and I’ll be posting consistently about the weather/gardening for the next few months.  Its been a great, if hot summer and I don’t know about you but I’m glad for the respite from watering. I get asked a lot of questions at the shop but the one that surprised me over […]