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Organic methods : A meal for the garden

Paul Bonine- Xera Plant Inc.                           6.13.18 Heather Havens – Concentrates Inc. I sat down with my best friend Heather Havens co-owner of Concentrates one Sunday afternoon to talk about organic fertilizers & amendments (seed/plant/animal meals, rock dusts, composts/manures), soils, and how the […]

xera plants inc

Future inferno 2018?

Spring is one of the most unpredictable times of the year for weather in Portland. To be honest I’m not a fan of the month of March. My entire life it seems that I’ve been working outside in this month of lions and lambs. As we transition from a very weak La Nina (one that […]

You Really Move Me

The seasons are changing and I’ll be posting consistently about the weather/gardening for the next few months.  Its been a great, if hot summer and I don’t know about you but I’m glad for the respite from watering. I get asked a lot of questions at the shop but the one that surprised me over […]