Deer Resistance

There is nothing more frustrating than deer devouring your garden. Deer are a lot like people, they will try anything, especially if its new. So, while there are no plants that are 100{47030db8af808edca1aef23ed3390d2f0ea788be34de98ad2df277e2a6786897} deer-proof here are some selections from our plant list that have proven to be less often on the menu. Of course a fence is always the best defense. Tip: pay attention not just to the species but the genus as well. Though not 100{47030db8af808edca1aef23ed3390d2f0ea788be34de98ad2df277e2a6786897} impervious, some are much less prone to consumption than others.

More considerations:
Deer will seek out irrigated plants during the driest parts of the year (wouldn’t you?)

Newly installed plants are often more vulnerable. It’s a deer- it can’t tell the difference between your new favorite plant or an offering of food.

Deer will rut on plants, often small trees- they should be protected if vulnerable. Surround with sheep wire to 6’ tall.

Deer do what nature tells them to do- not to piss off gardeners- innovation and patience are your responsibility.