Grevillea x ‘Leanne’

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USDA Hardiness zone: Zn7b 10º to 5ºF

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Grevillea x ‘Leanne’

Handsome evergreen shrub that displays masses of gold/old gold spidery flowers nearly year round- peaking in late winter into spring. Clean paddle shaped leaves are olive green on top and silver gray on the underside- a great combination with the flower color.  Dense growing to 4′ x 6′ in full sun and poor to average well drained soil. Little summer water when established- extraordinarily drought tolerant.  Loved by hummingbirds. One of the easiest to grow and fairly spectacular in full winter bloom. Excellent everblooming shrub for slopes, dry hillsides, low water areas.  Avoid compost, nutrients. Tip prune if growth is too fast or rank and endangers the plant from rocking.  ‘Leanne’ thrives on our own unimproved native soils. Full sun to very light shade and neglect. Excellent cold hardiness. Hybrid between G. victorae and G. juniperina. Avoid summer water which can leave it susceptible to phytophthera. It can tolerate ANY amount of extreme drought with no problem. Nice mounding habit for hot hell strips. Mixes well with Arctostaphylos, other drought adapted shrubs. Gains cold hardiness with age- establishment.  Excellent garden shrub. At one point this and many other hybrids were known for the ranch, Poorinda where they were discovered/bred. That first moniker has been dropped in all of the varieties (Save for x ‘Poorinda Queen’- which, well. Cuz.) So, this is just Grevillea x ‘Leanne’ now. Why they made this change I do not know. Crazy Australians.

Grevillea x ‘Leanne’ flower closeupGrevillea x ‘Leanne’ flowering in winter through snow

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