Hebe ochracea ‘EC Stirling’

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USDA Hardiness zone: Zn7a 5º to 0ºF

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Hebe ochracea ‘EC Stirling’

A very showy and dwarf form of this alpine species that is much easier to grow. Slow growing ochre colored whipcord Hebe to about 1′ x 1′ in half a dozen years. The fanstastic color literally glows in a landscape and is vibrant year round. Full sun in a cool position. Avoid blasting hot locations and locations with reflected heat – like near a rock wall. This is a true alpine and it likes to be comfortable. Light summer water once established in very well drained average soil. Avoid boggy soils + heat= certain death. In summer the top branchlets are decked out in pure white flowers. Adores. Rock gardens, open north exposure. Read: The north side of your house where it is bright and open to the sky and sunshine but protected from direct rays and scorching. Thrives at the cool Oregon Coast. Cold hardy to near 0ºF.

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