Heuchera micrantha

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USDA Hardiness zone: Zn5a -15º to -20ºF

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Heuchera micrantha

Crevice alum root is one of the most widespread of our native Heucheras. This rosette and colony forming perennial is almost always found on near seeps on wet slopes and cliff faces. The handsome green foliage is typically maple shaped and evergreen. In late spring to early summer clouds of very fine white flowers erupt on 2′ stems. Its a wonderful wispy effect. Rich to average soil with regular summer water. Established plants can handle much drier situations. The rosette colonies can be quite large. Lush and verdant evergreen for shady borders, hillsides, rock walls. Very easy and adaptable. Loved by pollinators and a great native pollinator perennial for part shade to shade. It will also accept full sun, but you have to pay closer attention to irrigation. Not bothered pests. In habitat it is often left alone by deer as it can grow on the most vertical cliffs. It makes a great but limited ground cover and the more plants you have the more flower spikes and the more showy and ethereal the affect. Combine with Struthiopteris spicant (Deer fern) and Oxalis oregana, Tiarella. A good container plant as well. A perennial for the north side of the house.  Oregon native plant

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