Lagerstroemia x ‘Cheyenne’

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USDA Hardiness zone: Zn6b 0º to -5ºF

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Lagerstroemia x ‘Cheyenne’

Wonderful release from the National Arboretum and this three hybrid small tree is also one of the most reliable red flowering varieties. To 11′ tall forming a very rounded tree about 3/4 as wide.  Large, vivid trusses of strawberry red flowers appear in early August and are wildly showy for weeks into early autumn. Moderately fast growing (2′-3′ per year when young) to its ultimate size. Full, all day sun in a hot position. Appreciates rich soil and also loves clay soil. Consistent deep irrigation from late spring into summer spurs more reliable bloom. The brilliant flower color is showy from quite a distance. In time the bark exfoliates in patches to shades of pink and light brown. Fall color is orange/yellow/ light red and reliable. Excellent small tree for warm urban gardens. Once bloom commences it proceeds unabated for months. Disease resistant. Excellent for the hottest locations.  This tree blooms quickly in a pot and thus is slower to bulk up than other varieties. Don’t let that deter you. In the ground it grows much more quickly. A Xera favorite crape myrtle. The second 3 way hybrid released by the National Arboretum. OOOOOOH, kinky.




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