Fabiana imbricata 'Violacea'

Fabiana imbricata ‘Violacea’

Chilean heather is not a heather at all rather it is in the solanum family- its related to tomatoes. Tubular violet purple flowers smother the very fine scale like foliage from late spring well into summer. In bloom its a pretty effect that attracts hummingbirds and other pollinators alike. Fast growing evergreen shrub for poor, unimproved well drained sites. To 5′ tall and 3′ wide in 5 years. Prune after flowering if you need to resize contain. Cold hardy and adapted to the poorest soils….its native on sand. Very drought adapted, little summer water when established. Excellent deer resistance. Flowers have a pervasive honey-like fragrance- and they look like miniature purple honey combs too.

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