Matthoila fruticulosa

Stock, the common early spring cut flower with that is wonderfully fragrant of cloves. The sweet perfume can be detected at quite a distance. This is a cold hardy, PERENNIAL version of that beloved flower. Forming a semi-woody dome like shrub multiple spikes to 10″ long eminate from the crown and bear pristine cleanly white flowers with that dazzling perfume. Great fragrant filler in bouquets. Native to mountainous areas around the mediterranean. To 2′ x 2′ and becoming a multi branched shrublet. Full sun and rich to average soil with light consistent summer water for the first season. Good drainage is important and its a natural plant for a slope. Established plants can get through summer without irrigation. The long strappy leaves are gray/green and add to the overall appeal especially when decked with white flowers. Average life span 5-7 years. Do not coddle. Combines well with Cistus, Halimiums, Helianthemums. Dianthus where it will compete for perfume. Very reminiscent of a Wallflower (Cheiranthus) and accepts the same cultural requirements. Blooms May-August. Pronounced muh-TOY-luh

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Biome: , ,  |  USDA Hardiness zone: Zn6a -5º to -10ºF
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