Sollya (Billardiera) heterophylla

Australian blue bell creeper is a tender evergreen vine that we adore for seasonal containers and its long season of bloom. Oblong mid green foliage lines woody twining stems. On wood from the previous season and new wood a continuous display of pendant small sky blue flowers. The clusters are both nestled in the foliage and on the exterior of the plant for a very complete show. Blooms continuously from May to as late as early August. Lozenged shaped blue drupes follow the flowers. A reserved growing vine to 6′ in a single season and branching well. Best in a container with a sturdy support such as a metal obelisk. Cold hardy to about 22ºF – and has great performance on the Oregon coast. Move containerized plants to an unseated garage to protect from temperatures below 20ºF. Most winters it is semi-deciduous no matter the weather, quickly gaining new foliage in spring. The dainty, profuse flowers give this member of the Pittosporum family charm. Very easy to grow. You may cut it almost to the ground in Spring to refresh and definitely apply a handful of all organic fertilizer. This vine can expend the nutrients from a container in a season. Regular H20 speeds new growth which in turn produces new flowers. Native to South Australia where it has escaped as an invasive in other parts of that continent. No problems here. Very pretty.

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