Chilean Hazlenut is not a hazelnut at all its a protea. Glossy pinnate leaves are handsome all the time on this evergreen tree. The huge leaves hug the curly ivory colored flowers that stick out perpendicular to the stems. They are about 3″ long. After fertilization these flowers morph into tasty mellow nut like fruits that resemble red/ochre berries.. They are somewhat like Hazelnuts hence the name. Moderately fast growing to 25′ in our climate. It requires a protected location away from subfreezing wind. Excellent on the Oregon coast. The bark is mellow brown and handsome. It can freeze back substantially at 10ºF but recovery in spring is rapid.  This means that this forest tree is almost always a shrub in our climate. Excellent espaliered against a south or west facing wall. Takes some shade but is happier in full sun. Fairly closely related to Macadamias but the nuts aren’t quite as sophisticated. Establish this plant well going into the first winter. Water once a week deeply for the first year. Good container plant that can be moved to a protected location when arctic air threatens. Blooms on wood from the previous season, prune if needed after flowering has ended.Prefers acidic soil and do not fertilize with phosphorous or potassium. Proteaceae. Chile/Peru/Argentina

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