Agapanthus ‘Blue Velvet’

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USDA Hardiness zone: Zn7a 5º to 0ºF

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Agapanthus ‘Blue Velvet’

This is a very handsome and dependable hardy Agapanthus bred in Ireland.  It forms a spreading clump and in mid summer 3′ tall stems support multiple pendant midnight blue flowers.. Full sun and rich soil. Add a handful of lime to the planting hole. Our soils are acidic and this perennial likes neutral (7) Alkaline (sweet) soils to perform at its best. You can also plant it next to a concrete sidewalk which will also give it the alkalinity that is craves. The clump of scrappy mid green leaves is shorter than most varieties and maintains a tidy plant both before and AFTER bloom so it makes an exemplary garden and landscape perennial. Regular water is crucial through the bloom period, July /August when flowering ends and you cut away the dead stalks it remains good looking until it totally disappears in mid autumn. Irish and UK Agapanthus appear to have much greater cold tolerance than American selections,  they wait to emerge until all threat of a freeze has passed. Very cold hardy easy to grow wonderful pendant tower of cobalt blue. The truss of flowers is very large and showy. Good cut flower, loved by pollinators too. Limited quantities. One of the finest lily of the niles for our gardens.

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