Callistemon (Melaleuca) viridiflorus ‘Xera’s Hedgehog’

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USDA Hardiness zone: Zn7b 10º to 5ºF

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Callistemon (Melaleuca)  viridiflorus ‘Xera’s Hedgehog’

We love this cold hardy species also known as mountain bottlebrush. This is our selection of a dwarf form and it achieves a very dense, compact habit at just 2′ tall by 3′ wide in 7 years. In May/June 1″ acid green bottlebrush flowers illuminate the tips of the branches. Pollinated by birds in nature it is a beacon to our local hummingbirds as well. Following the flowers rows of button shaped seed pods become woody and add to the shrubs interest. Full sun and rich to average soil with light consistent summer water for the first few years. It can tolerate regular irrigation but is summer drought tolerant when established. A great plant for foundations, rock gardens, hell strips. The pointed forest green foliage takes on maroon tints in the coldest weather. Cold hardy to 5ºF. Moderately deer resistant.

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Callistemon viridiflorus 'Xera's Hedgehog'

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