Cephalaria gigantea

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Plant type:

Biomes/Growing conditions: ,

Sun exposure:

USDA Hardiness zone: Zn5a -15º to -20ºF

Foliage color:

Foliage season:

Cephalaria gigantea

Big ass huge tall Scabiosa that is difficult to find. We’re remedying that. Large plant to 6′ tall with long wand-like stems support large (2″ wide ) pale yellow Scabiosa flowers. Full sun and rich well drained soil with regular water. Tough perennial for the back of a border or the back in general. Produces a constant cloud of glowing flowers that nod in the wind. Great cut flower. Blooms June to September. Soft yellow flowers match the color intensity of the gray foliage- a sophisticated match. Revels in hot and dry conditions when established. Dies down to nothing in the fall. Roars out of the ground in spring.

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