Diplarrena latifolia

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USDA Hardiness zone: Zn7b 10º to 5ºF

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Diplarrena latifolia

The Iris family is enormous and it features members from every continent except Antarctica. This native of higher elevations in Tasmania is a hardy species in a fairly tender genus. AKA Tasmanian Flag, this evergreen perennial forms 8″ tall  narrow leaves forming a clump 1′ wide with time. In late spring to early summer a fairly long show of the most pristine white flowers. They have three prominent petals and surround a center with three tabs each marked with purple, yellow, and black.like an intricate orchid. Very light shade in average to enriched soil with light consistent summer water. The flowers rise on thin stems to 2′ and a clump with many flowers is sublime. Easy to grow- when  flowering is over it leaves a clump of foliage that remains good looking year round. Good pollinator perennial. Not bothered by deer or slugs/snails or anything in general. Mulch with leaves for the first winter for added protection. This is the high elevation form of this perennial and has not been damaged in my garden down to 10ºF for the past 8 years. Rare and fun to grow. Excellent performance at the Oregon coast. Protect from subfreezing wind. Wonderful cut flower.


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