Embothrium coccineum

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USDA Hardiness zone: Zn7b 10º to 5ºF

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Embothrium coccineum

Chilean Fire tree is a  brilliant and fun tree to grow in the milder parts of the PNW. Our seed strain is from established cold hardy specimens around Portland.  Moderately fast growing somewhat thin tree to 18′ tall and just 6′ wide in 10 years. In late spring (May) the tree is smothered in fascinating tubular hot orange/red flowers that are effective for a month or more. Semi-deciduous to deciduous in these hardy forms. Full sun and average well drained soil that has NOT been amended. Protea family it is sensitive to high nutrients- best in our native unimproved conditions. Light summer water. Hummingbirds manna. Long grown in the PNW- because it adores our maritime climate. Fantastic performance at the Oregon coast. Less susceptible to overly enriched soil. Mulch after planting. Fall color is very late Nov/Dec and is red glowing orange. Very important to water this tree until you see progressive new growth. It can be somewhat difficult to establish. Avoid disturbing the roots and mulch lightly with bark. In subsequent years water once every 2 weeks in summer is sufficient. Blooms on wood from the previous year. Prune AFTER flowering if needed. Full sun, from every direction.

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