Halimium ‘Sarah’

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USDA Hardiness zone: Zn7b 10º to 5ºF

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Halimium ‘Sarah’

The very best cultivar of Halimiums as judged by quantity and length of bloom. Golden yellow silky flowers have a deep maroon blotch at the base of each petal. Evergray, rounded shrub to 3′ x3′ in 5 years. Full sun and poor to average, well drained soil. Light summer water to establish then light water.. Blooms for an extended period from early May to early July. Prune after flowering to encourage a denser form and more flowering wood. Excellent wildflower display that pairs well with blue flowered plants. Ceanothus thyrsiflorus ‘Victoria’ flowers simultaneously and appreciates the same cultural conditions. Moderate deer resistance. Average lifespan 6-8 years.

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