Hydrangea seemanii

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USDA Hardiness zone: Zn7b 10º to 5ºF

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Hydrangea seemanii

Evergreen climbing Hydrangea with handsome glossy leaves and in early summer on old wood huge white buds unfurl to wide lacy white flowers subtended by larger sterile bracts on the exterior of the flower. Moderately fast growing self clinging vine for part shade and rich moisture retentive soil. Scales walls, tree trunks to 20′ or more when it really gets going. Cold hardy to 0ºF briefly. Protect from hot afternoon sun- even a 1/2 hour of hot sun can result in burn on a hot wall. Best on an open north facing aspect- such as the north side of a house or fence. Very good appearance year round with glossy layered foliage. Give it a year to begin to cling. It will do it on its own. Regular summer water speeds growth and this is important for the first several years. Established plants can get by on less.  Make certain that this self clinging vine is appropriate for the surface you want it to climb. This is a very permanent vine and not for wood house walls or even painted fences. Provide permanent strong support. Very long lived.

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