Mahonia gracilipes

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USDA Hardiness zone: Zn6b 0º to -5ºF

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Mahonia gracilipes

Elegant, sturdy mahonia that has wands of small red and yellow flowers in late summer. To 5′ tall give it full sun to part shade. Avoid the reflected heat of walls. The somewhat concave pinnate leaves are frosted on the underside with very light gray blue. The wind, however must really howl to reveal this secret. Stiff  and upright, it flails toward the sun in shade. It is at its best in very high overhead shade or morning sun with afternoon shade (an eastern aspect). Occasional deep soaks in summer ensures the display of fall flowers. The tiny flowers are replaced by oblong small fruits that begin pink and arrive at purple/black upon ripening. Most of these fruits will b consumed by birds. The subtle flowers are a beacon to both hummingbird and Bush tits. Good shrub where heavy snow/ice occur. Cold hardy to slightly below 0ºF. Grows fairly slowly. Mix in shrub borders or low water high shade. Pretty shrub native to China. Not bothered by deer or rabbits. Raised from seed. Limited quantities. Red flowered Mahonia.

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