Morella (Myrica) californica

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USDA Hardiness zone: Zn7a 5º to 0ºF

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Morella (Myrica)  californica

Pacific Wax Myrtle is native along the direct coast from Santa Barbara California to near Tofino, on Vancouver Island, BC. It forms a large evergreen shrub to eventually a small tree in time and has thin, pretty dark green foliage. Aromatic if bruised the leaves are deep green and lustrous year round. Tiny brown flowers change to waxy gray berries that line the stems but are not terribly conspicuous. Fast growing to 12′ tall and 8′ wide in 7 years. Adaptable to a variety of soils, including winter inundation. Soil that is too rich can lead to prodigious growth and an unsteady plant until it bulks up. Judicious pruning can keep it much smaller. Prune at any time of the year. An excellent, drought tolerant, cold tolerant shrub for a hedge, screen or small garden tree. Our material is from locally cold hardy stock. Easy. Tolerates salt spray- including first line strand conditions. Recently changed from Myrica to Morella. In time it can become a handsome rounded evergreen tree with contrasting pretty white bark.   Oregon native plant.

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