Clematis ‘Rhapsody’

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USDA Hardiness zone: Zn4a -25º to -30ºF

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Clematis ‘Rhapsody’

Possibly one of our favorite large flowered Clematis. This delightful 8′-10′ vine has intense sapphire blue flowers that open light and turn to a darker blue as they age. The petals surround a charming boss of creamy stamens. This very showy vine blooms continuously from July-Sept. Its a smaller scale Clematis that can happily climb large shrubs to small trees without smothering them. The flowers which are 5″ across are dramatic and showy from a distance. Easy to grow in our climate, in rich soil with regular summer irrigation. Full sun to the very lightest shade, but flowers are more vivid with sun. The petioles wrap around supports and hoists this plant up. May be hard pruned in early spring to just several buds. This vine which blooms on new wood will quickly regrow and produce a parade of flowers in just several months. Excellent climbing gold leaved shrubs for brilliant contrast. The flowers born on long stems also make a decent cut flower. Provide support such as a large trellis or #4 copper wire to send it climbing around a post. Beautiful Clematis.



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