Epilobium (Zauschneria) cana ‘ Peach Surprise’

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USDA Hardiness zone: Zn7a 5º to 0ºF

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Epilobium (Zauschneria) cana ‘ Peach Surprise’

A beautiful color form of California Fuchsia. This is is a very long blooming, low, spreading perennial with downy gray green foliage and a constant procession of tubular peach/pink flowers. Loved by low flying hummer’s this plant is ideal for hot, locations in soil that never becomes boggy. To 6″ tall x 2′ wide and forming substantial patches in full sun. Excellent performance in hell strips. Most Epilobiums (Zauschneria) in our climate are drought tolerant but they perform better and are showier in bloom with light, occasional summer water.  Water during the driest times of the year about once every two weeks. Blooms begin in late July and are resplendent well into autumn.  Great long term performance in large containers, planters. Winter deciduous. Remove frost damaged tops when frost kills them. Best to match the vigor of this perennial with vigorous neighbors. It can swamp shy plants. Excellent in rock walls, at the top of walls.  Combine with Sedum palmeri, Helichrysum thianshanicum, Chocolate cosmos for a community of perennials with identical requirements. Winter deciduous. Spreads laterally by underground stolons. Give Woody some room.

Epilobium (Zauschneria) cana 'Woody's Peach Surprise'

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