Epimedium x ‘Domino’

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Epimedium x ‘Domino’

Can’t help but love the excellent performance of this exceptional barrenwort. From pretty scimitar shaped green leaves rise wiry stems supporting clouds of star shaped flowers. The center of each flower is plum colored and the extending spurs are crystal white for a great bicolor effect. Extraordinarily long blooming from March well into summer- and sometimes longer if it feels like the weather has been perfect. Semi-evergreen to evergreen but we heavily advocate cutting the whole thing to the ground in February to make way for a fresh new year. New foliage is heavily mottled in red before settling to mid green. Part shade (open north exposure like the cool north side of your house is fantastic too) to shade in rich, well drained soil with consistent summer moisture. Spreads to several feet wide in several years. A truly great, long lived Epimedium that is very pretty all around. Moderate deer resistance.

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