Grevillea victoriae ‘UBC Form’

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USDA Hardiness zone: Zn7b 10º to 5ºF

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AKA Royal Grevillea. From the high mountains of Australia one of the most handsome and exotic shrubs that will grow in our climate. Fast growing evergreen to 7′ tall and as wide in 5 years- much larger in time. Silvery gray leaves and from September to April rust colored drooping buds that open to showy pendant orange flowers. Flower buds are formed in summer and occasional light summer irrigation will prevent buds from aborting in our hottest spells of weather and a reason to site it carefully.  Full sun to part shade in a cool position- an open north exposure. Avoid the reflected heat of walls, asphalt. Excellent performance in cooler areas including the Oregon Coast. Average, well drained soil  and NO FERTILIZER, NO COMPOST- virgin soil that is well drained is best.  BLOOMS ALL WINTER.  Hummingbirds. Excellent performance in colder rural gardens. Tolerates high overhead shade of trees. Silvery handsome shrub- if it is shy to bloom simply tip prune each stem lightly and this will not only cause it to become more dense but encourage flower set as well. Prune in spring AFTER the main flush of blooms has passed- especially if growth has been fast and rank. It may be pruned quite hard to maintain a smaller denser plant.  To be honest this plant has at least a few flowers on it year round.  A cold hardy parent of many Grevillea hybrids. Great climate adapted shrub. Water until you see vigorous new growth and then taper off. Avoid watering during the heat of the day. Protected location. 

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