Hebe ‘Karo Golden Esk’

Family: Genus:

Plant type:

Biomes/Growing conditions: ,

Sun exposure:

USDA Hardiness zone: Zn7a 5º to 0ºF

Foliage color: ,

Foliage season:

Hebe ‘Karo Golden Esk’

We try to restrict our Hebe selection to those that are totally hardy to cold, thrive with a minimum amount of water, and are disease resistant. This pretty whipcord type checks all those boxes. Wonderful golden green upswept foliage on a rounded dense shrub. To 2′ x 2′ in time for full sun and well drained average to enriched soil. Alpine Hebe that is perfectly hardy to cold. In summer tiny white flowers appear at the branch tips. More of a temporary curiosity than a display. The great glory of this graceful shrub is its its year round excellent appearance. Light summer water.


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