Hosta plantaginea

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USDA Hardiness zone: Zn4a -25º to -30ºF

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Hosta plantaginea

Fragrant August lily. We don’t grow very many Hostas. For the most part they are water lovers and they require care to really thrive in our climate. This classic species is much tougher than most and makes due with bold, solid  green leaves and 3′ spikes of powerfully fragrant white flowers in late summer.  Fragrant hosta lily forms a clump 2′ tall and spreading to 4′ wide. Adaptable to shade (higher overhead shade) part shade, and full sun. Rich soil with regular water gives verdancy and encourages a large set of blooms. The fragrance of the many flower spikes is detectable many feet away on warm days. Give this large plant room to spread, plan ahead. Also, take note of where you want to smell the wafting perfume- near benches, seating etc. Completely winter deciduous. Plant with other bold perennials in the woodland where rich soil and regular moisture give it a long life. Plant with Bergenia ciliata for a bold duo. Regular summer water if located in full sun. Very long lived. Protect the emerging plant for slugs and snails. Bait regularly.

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