Juniperus deppeana

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USDA Hardiness zone: Zn5a -15º to -20ºF

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Juniperus deppeana

Alligator Juniper. So called for the rough pattern that develops on the trunk. A remarkable upright growing juniper that stuns with ghostly white foliage. Finely branching open habit on an 14′ tall by 6′ wide structure. Fast growing. POOR soil that has NOT been amended is ideal. In fact it thrives in heavy clay soils if on slopes.  Enriched soil causes this shrub to grow prodigiously fast leaving it vulnerable to wind toss. Mixes well with other shrubs, makes a great light textured nearly white focal point. Good looking year round and ultra cold hardy. Little to no summer water once established. (Just makes it grow too fast) This is one elegant but tough shrub. Moderate deer resistance. This selection has extraordinarily blue foliage for the species. In time this forms a large tree- with a lot of years. Native to Texas and New Mexico into Mexico. Very difficult plant to root. So, we seldom have this tree/shrub in quantity.  Even prior to developing the famous bark the over foliage is so brilliantly light blue that it is a first rate ghostly gray shrub.

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