Lagerstroemia indica Pink Velour®

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USDA Hardiness zone: Zn7a 5º to 0ºF

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Lagerstroemia indica Pink Velour®

This Carl Whitcomb introduction is an excellent performer in our climate. An upright growing tree to 12′ tall and only 4′ wide. Very ruffled shocking pink flowers begin in early August and continue until early October. New growth is a sultry maroon and this is a great backdrop with the brilliant flowers. Eventually the foliage settles down to deep green. As with all Whitcomb cultivars it has slightly lower water requirements. Still, a deep soak once a week will be sufficient for a moderately fast growing tree. Full hot sun in a hot position. Highly mildew tolerant selection. The large upright trusses of flowers appear as torches and then as complete bloom commences it becomes a cloud of sizzling hot pink. Flowers en masse have a light, sweet fragrance. Easy to grow smaller cultivar. Give it good air circulation. In time the trunks lose their top layer of bark in patches and a tan/pink under coat is revealed. One of the best L. indica selections for the Willamette Valley. Very good cold hardiness here. Fall color is a brilliant if short lived display of red/orange/yellow.  As brilliant as the flower color.  Unauthorized propagation prohibited. Plant patent #10,319.

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