Lomatia myricoides

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USDA Hardiness zone: Zn7a 5º to 0ºF

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Lomatia myricoides

River Lomatia is an elegant but always rare evergreen shrub that has been grown for decades in the PNW but has never been common. This high elevation Australian shrub has dazzling long thin foliage with fine and irregular indentations. The upper surface of the leaf is blue green with an underside of pale blue white. In May sweetly fragrant clouds of ivory colored curly flowers eminate from the the ends of each branch. They create a hazy effect over the handsome foliage. Multitrunked shrub to 12′ tall with a pronounced arching habit. You may prune errant horizontal branches in place of vertical to train the shrub to be more upright. Otherwise the splay stems clad in flowers are delightful and elegant rather than sloppy looking. Excellent performance in protected courtyards. Cold hardy near 0ºF (briefly) once established. Native primarily above 3500′ in the Australian mountains. Full sun and a warm position with light, consistent summer water. Accepts regular irrigation better than most proteoides. Tolerates ice and snow- very bendable branches. Cut foliage ( and flowers) is wonderful in arrangements. Could be deer resistant. Beautiful shrub.

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