Lomatia polymorpha

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USDA Hardiness zone: Zn7b 10º to 5ºF

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Lomatia polymorpha

One of the world’s most fascinating shrubs. Polymorpha in this case specifically refers to the leaves which are a different, form, shape, and texture on each individual plant. Very unusual for a hardy shrub. In early summer each form produces upright 5″ tall trusses of ivory/white flowers that are sweetly fragrant- blooms appear for 2 to 3 weeks. An evergreen shrub- usually of fine texture, that grows moderately fast to 3′-6′ in 5 years. In time the shrub will be larger. Full sun and light summer water, avoid sites with standing water in winter. Excellent on slopes. Native to the highest elevations of Tasmania. Its been cold hardy to about 5ºF. In cold gardens I would err on the side of protected. Does not tolerate shade of any kind. Full, all day sun. Light summer water. We have chosen three clones that we think are particularly handsome and we will be trialing those plants. Until then seedlings all with variable foliage are what we offer. Some have a very compact congested habit while others have stretched out and appear to be ultimately larger plants. Excellent as cut foliage as well as cut flowers. A large shrub in full bloom is a beautiful, sophisticated, party of curly ivory flowers. Fantastic. Might be deer resistant. Very good performance at the Oregon coast. Very rare shrub. Proteaceaous- avoid compost and fertilizers. Mulch with bark/ wood chips. Best as a single specimen. Most applicable common name ‘Variable leaf Lomatia’.  That about covers it.

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