Nerium oleander ‘Mathilde Ferrier’

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USDA Hardiness zone: Zn8a 15º to 10ºF

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Nerium oleander ‘Mathilde Ferrier’

Who would have guessed that one of the hardiest Oleanders would be a double flowering light yellow? Not me, but here she is and yes she is hardy in the city of Portland. Tall growing vigorous evergreen shrub to 8′ x 4′ in 5 years. In summer clusters of FRAGRANT  double soft yellow flowers are profuse and sincerely beautiful. It blooms off and on until September. Full hot sun in a protected location- against a south  or west facing wall is ideal. Injured by cold at about 13ºF and below but it recovers remarkably fast in spring when truly warm weather arrives and it will still bloom (blooms on new wood). It really is a pretty flowering shrub for a protected spot. The more heat it gets in summer the hardier to cold in the winter. Makes sense.


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