Mitella (Pectiantia) ovalis

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USDA Hardiness zone: Zn5b -10º to -15ºF

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Mitella (Pectiantia) ovalis

Coastal (Yellow) mitrewort is a little seen but wonderful native primarily in Oregon- going to BC in the north to very far northern California to our south. In Oregon its found primarily on open north exposed aspects and steep hillsides, often near seeps. Glossy foliage is the same shape as Tellima grandilflora which has dull lighter green leaves. In spring to summer 12″ straight stems unfurl intricate chartreuse yellow flowers that line a scape. Evergreen to semi evergreen perennial for part shade to full sun. Closely related to Heuchera this member of the Saxifrage family improves greatly under cultivation. As a small scale ground cover in part shade its a good native for the dry areas around trees. Light summer supplemental water – but never boggy and hot. Established plants are robust and handsome and are NOT afflicted by powdery mildew. The vertical yellow flowers lined with little intricate 3-d flowers brings many tiny pollinators. To 18″ across forming an expanding clump. This is a very good native perennial that is almost never seen in gardens but is local and excellently adapted to our climate, again it also improves greatly under cultivation and it responds to enriched soil. Drought adapted in shade. Winter foliage is smaller and takes on bright red tints. Common in the Oregon Coast Range as well as the western Cascade foothills. Super saxifragaceae for your stumpery. Adorable in bloom. Associated plants in the wild are Oxalis oregana, Tellima grandiflora, Adiantum aleuticum, Heuchera chlorantha. A very handsome plant. Oregon native plant.

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