Quercus rugosa (SW Form)

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USDA Hardiness zone: Zn7a 5º to 0ºF

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Quercus rugosa (SW Form)

This is a remarkable oak whose geographic center is in high elevation Mexico. There are several forms of this evergreen tree with remarkable qualities. Its range extends from the SW U.S. south throughout Mexico into northern Guatemala. This southwest form has shown great cold hardiness and adaptability. These are started from acorns in a garden in Medford. The parent tree was pole straight with a boisterous green rounded crown. It is remarkably tolerant of drought and is cold hardy reliably to 0ºF. Full sun in  average soil for a moderately fast growing tree. The outline of its crown is oblong at first and if you remove the lower limbs it will send the crown skyward. As I said the trunk was pole straight on a tree that was 35′ tall (18′ wide) and very pretty. Doing research on this tree it was found in California that this tree literally collects pollutants from the sky with its rough leaves. Its proposed to be planted along intersections and freeways  and could be a boon to lower the particulate count.  Dark green foliage looks good year round.  Water to establish and then none in subsequent years. Grows fast for an oak and it really adores our climate. The bark is rough with gray striations. It  makes many acorns and this should be taken into account in siting. Good candidate for a street tree or a garden shade tree. Average soil, including clay soils. Full sun from every direction for the straightest tree. Syn. Quercus reticulata. This would also be a good candidate for a formal large screen. Sometimes called net leaf oak or southwestern net leaf oak. Casts moderately dense shade with time.

Quercus rugosa

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