Podophyllum x ‘Audrey’

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USDA Hardiness zone: Zn5a -15º to -20ºF

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Podophyllum x ‘Audrey’

We’ve met a lot of good gardeners and I’m always most amazed at peoples attention to detail. Good gardeners love detail. Mary De Noyer is a favorite customer and well known for her fastidious and beautiful garden. Several years ago Mary brought this seedling Podophyllum to us and asked that we grow it. Her only stipulation was that we name it ‘Audrey’.  Done! This is a remarkable perennial that we are proud to finally have a salable population. The large convex star fish shaped leaves are a glowing amber to madder red. Following the unufurlment and maturation of the leaves pendant dark wine red flowers appear on the leaf petiole- in this case the trunk. To 2′ tall a mature leaf can be more than 1 foot across. This probable hybrid May Apple is a bold and beautiful perennial for part shade to high overhead shade in rich soil with consistent summer moisture. Add all purpose fertilizer around the base each spring. For the first several years the clump of bold leaves increases close to a clump. After permanent establishment and with a lot of moisture this perennial will run by stolons. It will run as far as rich, moisture retentive soil allows. Beautiful plant. Thank you Mary De Noyer.

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